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Nissin Dental Products Inc. (the "Company") works to promote the protection of personal information. To this end, for the handling of the personal information of users of the services of the Company ("Users"), the Company has established the following personal information protection policy, maintains a personal information protection system, and requires of all employees (including corporate officers, contract employees, part-timers, casual workers, and temporary staff, etc.) awareness of the importance of personal information protection and best practice in personal information protection efforts.

Article 1. Personal information

"Personal information" means "personal information" as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information ("Personal Information Protection Act"), referring to information about a living individual that enables individual identification because it includes an individual’s name, date of birth, or other descriptions, etc., or information that includes a personal identification code.

Article 2. Acquisition and usage of personal information

The Company acquires and uses the personal information of Users within the scope necessary for the following purposes. If personal information is used beyond this scope, the Company shall in an appropriate manner obtain Users’ prior consent.

(1) For providing the Company’s products and services and related information
(2) For improving, enhancing, and newly developing products and services
(3) For providing information on new product- and service functions, updates, campaigns, etc., and other information on the products and services offered by the Company (including by e-mail, flyers, and other direct mail)
(4) For providing maintenance (including remote maintenance via telecommunication lines) and for contacting Users as needed such as in case of important notices, etc.
(5) For responding (preceded by identity verification) to Users’ opinions and inquiries, etc., concerning the products and services of the Company
(6) For providing Users with reports on the usage status of products and services
(7) For requesting Users’ participation in questionnaires and interviews, etc., on products and services, participation in various events, and for reporting on their results, etc.
(8) For researching and analyzing products’ and services’ usage histories, improving products and services based on the results, and disseminating advertisements
(9) For providing, based on Users’ consent or application, personal information to companies, etc., participating in events sponsored by the Company
(10) For identifying and banning Users who have breached the Terms of Use or attempt to use products and services for illegal or unjust purposes.

Article 3. Management and protection of personal information

Personal information is subject to rigorous management at the Company and no data is disclosed or provided to a third party except in the cases listed below. Furthermore, with consideration of data security, the Company takes preventive measures and corrective steps to counter risks such as unauthorized access or loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of personal information.

(1) In case Users’ prior consent has been obtained
(2) In case all or part of personal information handling is outsourced within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use stated in Article 2
(3) In case of joint use within the scope described in Article 5
(4) In case necessary to prevent loss of human life, personal damage, or property damage when obtaining Users’ consent is impracticable
(5) In case a special need arises with respect to the improvement of public health or the promotion of sound child development when obtaining Users’ consent is impracticable
(6) In case the Company’s cooperation is required in the execution of affairs pursuant to laws and regulations executed by a national agency, local public entity, or an appointed agent thereof when obtaining Users’ consent might interfere with such execution
(7) In case personal information is provided in connection with business succession due to merger or other reasons
(8) In other cases permitted by laws and regulations

Article 4. Outsourcing of personal information handling

The Company may outsource all or part of personal information handling within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In this case, the Company will closely check for suitability as outsourcing service provider, stipulate contractual provisions, etc., on confidentiality duties, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision of the outsourcing service provider.

Article 5. Joint use of personal information

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The registration data will be secured by SSL encrypted communication.

(1) Scope of joint use of personal information
All personal data of Users, unless Users specifically requested otherwise
(2) Scope of joint users
Group companies of the Company
(3) Joint users’ purposes of use
Same as the purpose of use described in Article 2
(4) Persons responsible for the management of personal information
・Nissin Dental Products Inc.: http://www.nissin-dental.net/aboutus/profile.html
・i-CAST Co., Ltd.: http://www.nissin-dental.jp/company/outline.html
・Bellezza Milling Center Co., Ltd.: http://www.nissin-dental.jp/company/outline.html
*The address and name of each company’s representative can be found in the respective company profiles.

Article 6. Disclosure of personal information

The Company will upon Users’ request (limited to the User concerned; the same applies throughout this article) disclose to Users within a reasonable time their personal information held by the Company. However, in any of the following cases, disclosure may be withheld in part or in total. In such a case, the User will be notified within a reasonable time.

(1) In case of a risk of loss of life, personal injury, property damage, or other damage to rights and interests of a User or a third party
(2) In case of a risk of material hindrance to the proper execution of the Company's operations
(3) In other cases contravening laws and regulations

Article 7. Correction and deletion of personal information

If personal information held by the Company is incorrect, the information will upon Users’ request be corrected or deleted in accordance with the procedures specified by the Company.
If the Company judges upon a User’s above request that action is warranted, the Company will correct or delete the personal information within a reasonable time and notify the User.

Article 8. Suspension, etc., of use of personal information, etc.

If a User, on grounds that a case listed in the items below is applicable, requests the suspension of use or the deletion of personal information ("Suspension of Use, etc."), the Company will within a reasonable time conduct an investigation, and based on the result impose Suspension of Use, etc., in accordance with laws and regulations, and notify the User to that effect. However, if a Suspension of Use, etc., involves significant expense or other difficulty, and alternative measures are available as necessary to protect the rights and interests of the User, such alternative measures will be taken.

(1) In case personal information is handled beyond the scope of the purposes of use
(2) In case personal information was obtained by illegal means
(3) In case personal information is used in a manner that may encourage or induce an illegal or unjust act
(4) In case the Company has ceased to require the use of a User’s personal information
(5) In case personal information that includes “special-care-required” personal information has been or may have been the subject of leakage, loss, or damage ("Leakage, etc.")
(6) In case personal information whose unauthorized usage may result in financial damage has been or may have been subject to Leakage, etc.
(7) In case personal information that may have been used for an unauthorized purpose has been or may have been subject to Leakage, etc.
(8) In case personal information of more than 1,000 persons has been or may have been subject to Leakage, etc.
(9) In case the personal information concerned was subject to handling that caused, or may have caused, damage to a right or legitimate interest of a User

Article 9. Procedures for privacy policy changes

The Company will review the content of this policy from time to time and strive to make improvements. The content of this policy may be changed, except for matters stipulated otherwise in laws and regulations and this policy. A change of this privacy policy shall take effect from the time it is posted on the Company website. Users will not be notified as changes arise.

Article 10. Compliance with laws and regulations

The Company complies with the laws and regulations of Japan and other norms applicable to personal information held by the Company, and handles personal information in an appropriate manner.

Article 11. Use of cookies, etc.

The Company may through cookies and IP addresses collect Users’ history information and other privacy-related information. Cookies identify a User's web browser, but do not identify a User as an individual. Users can enable or disable cookies, etc., in their browser settings. It should be noted that disabling cookies, etc., may render some of the Company's services and functions unavailable for use.

Article 12. Disclaimer

The Company is not liable for the protection and handling, etc., of Users’ personal information, etc., by any other website linked to the website of the Company.

Article 13. Responding to complaints and consultations

The Company accepts and responds appropriately and promptly to complaints and consultations from Users regarding the handling of personal information. Moreover, the Company responds promptly and appropriately to requests from Users for disclosure, correction, supplementation, deletion, or denial of use or denial of provision of a User’s personal information.

Article 14. Information desk

For inquiries regarding the Company's handling of personal information, please use the inquiry form.

Established and enforced September 5, 2022