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A Wide Variation of Endo Model Series
for Mastering the Endodontics Area.

The Endo Model Series offers a wide variety of choices according to the purpose and level, allowing fast and easy mastering of root canal treatment techniques. By using these models, you can understand various preparation methods as well as characteristics of instruments such as reamers, while experiencing the feeling during removal of pulp chamber roof and root canal enlargements.

Hand-held Type Practice Models / S Series

Hand-held Type Practice Models: S/E Series

The S and E Series represent various root canal types inside a transparent block. Models that have only the root canals as well as models with crowns attached allow practicing basic root canal treatment technique methods while experiencing the feeling during root canal preparation.

Jaw model-mounted Type Practice Models / B Series

Jaw model-mounted Type Practice Models: B Series

The natural root form B Series allows for a more clinical root canal treatment practice. Basic models with natural tooth root and root canal are available. The models also allow you to feel the different cutting characteristics and is X-Ray compatible.