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Conduction Anesthesia Model [SUG2005-UL-SP]

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  • 11 anesthetic contact sensor points, 7 in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower jaw
  • Battery-powered audio signal and light signal indicates when correct position and angle injection is achieved. Audio signal can be turned off for testing and evaluation purposes.
  • 1m electric cord connecting the model and indicator unit
  • Indicator unit uses 2 AAA-size batteries (batteries not included)
  • Optional clear pink upper and lower gingivas (included) allow view of injection, making it ideal for beginning students
  • Easy attachment to the NISSIM Head allowing a more realistic training experience
  • Comes with 32 removable anatomically shaped teeth

*Always remove all teeth before peeling off the upper and lower gingiva. Please remove the gingivas in the following order: lower → upper → left TMJ → right TMJ.

*The gingiva is very soft and fragile. Please use care when handling to avoid ripping.

*DO NOT use water, anesthetic solution, or any other liquid when practicing injection on this model.

*Injection syringe and needle are not included.

*Dental simulator phantom is not included.

Training Method

Conduction anesthesia

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