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Dental Simulator

Accessories for SIMPLE MANIKIN III

Head Rest Mount SPM III

Head Rest Mount SPM III

  • For fixing the SIMPLE MANIKIN III to the dental chair
Oral Cavity Cover SPM III

Oral Cavity Cover SPM III

  • A hole opening is located on the upper and lower side
  • The FE articulator fits completely inside the Oral Cavity Cover
  • Provides a realistic oral cavity environment allowing real clinical situation training
  • Type 1 Magnet Plate is not necessary because the SIMPLE MANIKIN III uses a screw to fix the model
Model Adapter SPM III

Model Adaptor SPM III

  • This adapter allows plaster models and models without an articulator to be attached to the SIMPLE MANEKIN III.
  • *Please use the Model Adaptor SPM III which is specifically designed for the SIMPLE MANIKIN III.Other model adaptors do not fit into the SIMPLE MANIKIN III.

SPM III Rubber Sheet

SPM III Rubber Sheet

  • Can train under technically restricted clinical situations when using with the SIMPLE MANIKIN III.