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Dental Simulator

"Learning Through Lifelike Experience"

Although pediatric dentistry requires practitioners to possess specialized skills for correctly and safely handling various situations involving child patients including medical emergencies, it has been difficult to provide students with appropriate live patient training experience in today’s education environment.

Pedia_Roid provides a solution: She is a 6-year-old child robot who accurately mimics the typical reactions and behaviors of a nervous child patient receiving a dental treatment. Pedia_Roid is specially designed to train dental, medical and healthcare students to develop necessary skills for treating child patients such as communication skills, facial expression monitoring skills, medical accident avoidance skills and basic life support skills. While training on a live child patient can be difficult to conduct, Pedia_Roid’s realistic training experience offers students an excellent skill-enhancing opportunity in a safe environment.


1.Simulates a nervous child who is afraid of receiving dental treatment such as:

  • Various facial expressions and body movements such as squirming expresses a child’s nervousness and anxiety.
  • Unexpected movement of the head, tongue, arms and legs simulates a child’s resistance to being treated.
  • Crying and screaming responses convey a child’s refusal to receiving treatment.

And, students can practice and acquire:

  • Necessary unique skills for calmly treating children who resist treatment.
  • Zoom
  • Pediaroid
  • Pediaroid
  • Pediaroid


Resisting Treatment (flailing arms and legs)


Various Facial Expressions


2.Replicates various systemic accidental symptoms such as:

  • Changing facial complexion indicating paleness and fainting
  • Pupil dilation
  • Convulsions stemming from acute attack and anaphylaxis shock due to local anesthesia positioning

And, students can practice and acquire:

  • Various basic life support skills such as checking for vital signs, performing intravenous injection and administering cardiac massage.


Normal Facial Complexion / Paleness and Fainting


Pupil Dilation


Eye and Tongue Movements


Train students to acquire basic life support skills

3.Wireless remote-control operation

  • Compatible with wireless remote-control operation


Tablet operation for up-close guidance


Pedia_Roid Introduction Movie


Pedia_Roid Training Movie Case 1 - Anaphylactic Shock


Pedia_Roid Training Movie Case 2 - Local Anesthesia Poisoning

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