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NISSIN Standard Study Model

Measurement Specifications: Weight: 340g (with articulator)

Front View & Side View

Articulator Variations


Without articulator (HM)

Models without an articulator can be attached to phantom and manikin systems with adjustable occlusion function capability. The holes in the back also allow easy attachment to FE, D, and DP type articulators if desired.


FE articulator

This articulator can be opened and fixed at any position including the maximum opening position, and allows a variety of occlusal movements.


DP articulator

This articulator is used when practicing with the pole mount. Its functions are the same as the D articulator. The DP articulator is also compatible with most pole mount type phantoms offered by other manufacturers (note: articulator may not fit on some phantom systems).


D articulator

This articulator can be opened over 180° when practicing on a desk or a table. It allows a variety of occlusal movements but cannot be fixed at an open position.